Fresh wedding albums

Gone are the days of big, white, puffy wedding albums. We’ve found more often that not that the modern bride and groom prefer to display their photos in ways that are contemporary and fresh. We started producing Coffee table photobooks a few months ago, as a modern way to showcase the best pictures from your day.

Our photobooks come in various sizes and formats: 13”x11”, 8”x10”, 10”x8” and 7”x7”. With a magazine style design they look fun and professional. Bespoke logos, fonts and graphics can all be used. You can also chose your weight of paper, hard or soft cover.

We like them because they are individually tailored to your needs. Simply tell us which photographs and words you’d like to use and we’ll show you a proof before sending the book off for printing.

They aren’t bulky like typical albums which means they are easier to show friends and family. Getting copies is really cost effective too. The master printing file is held online where you can share it with your guests, leaving them free to purchase their own copies. One client is sending a copy of their book as a Mother’s Day present a year after the wedding. Prices start from £60 per book.

10×8″ lustre finish with hardback