The magical tale of Charlotte and Justin

Charlotte and Justin’s wedding was one of our favourites. The  beautiful venue, Boveridge House in Dorset, was the idyllic location for a beautiful day filled with poetry, fantasy flowers, acoustic guitar and happiness.

On arrival we were both taken aback by the sight of the reception flowers. Each dining table was individually themed to one of Charlotte and Justin’s favorite books: Alice in Wonderland, The Hobbit, Peter Pan, Wind in the Willows, The Chronicles of Narnia…it was a photographers dream, like stepping into a magical tale.

The amazing floral design and stylist, Bo Boutique, had really taken the concept to it’s limits, seamlessly incorporating combinations of moss, bull rushes, roses and imitation cobwebs into her table centerpieces.


There were jewels and pearls with intertwining birch branches and wild flowers, it really was phenomenal.

After a beautiful ceremony, the pronunciation of ‘Husband and Wife’ and the champagne filled reception, we headed back to london our trigger fingers exhausted and memory cards full, greatly looking forward to seeing the photographs on our screens.