Amy and Tony’s English Cotswolds Wedding

Towards the end of the summer, we spent a beautiful weekend photographing the quintessentially English countryside for Amy and Tony’s wedding. We arrived on the Friday night and headed to the Lygon Arms to meet up with the wedding party for some pre-wedding drinks. Tony’s American family were won over by the sleepy limestone village with its historic pub in the heart of the Cotswolds. We also then had a chance to meet the Bride, Groom and Buster, Tony’s son, over a couple of drinks, and you could tell everyone was excited for the following day.

The next morning both Simon and I had an early start. Simon went off to photograph the groom’s party getting ready, while I met up with the girls. I loved Amy’s bright pink Vivienne Westwood scented jelly shoes, they gave her outfit a quirky and fun twist. The bridesmaids wore pretty floral dresses, which had a splash of bright pink in them. Much time was spent coordinating the right pink nail polish, and lipstick. Meanwhile the boys had a much more relaxed morning messing around in bathrobes and leisurely getting ready!

I followed the bridal party on the short walk to the church through the beautifully stoned market town snapping as I walked. I half expected some Hogwarts Wizardary as the Cotswolds was the location for a lot of filming of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and every corner looked oddly familiar.

Amy made her entrance into the grand church and the ceremony commenced. The guest sang a wonderful mix of American and English hymns. The newly-wed couple made a speedy get away in a cabriolet sports car to the reception at Mickelton Hills Farm.

The barn at the venue was a blend of rustic English charm with some American accents, with American flags beside homemade bunting and pom-poms. What I loved about the venue was how colourful it was and it really reflected the couple’s happy and easy-going day. I also truly loved the wedding cake, which really captured the look of British summertime, and was homemade and decorated in beautiful summer berries.

While the party was getting into full swing, we set up the photo booth. After the hog roast and buffet (the buffet had been prepared by the guests), the band played. They were called Izzy and the Stooges and tore the barn down with some superb cover versions.

Amy and Tony’s wedding was a gem of a wedding not only to photograph but also to go to. It was fun and beautiful and cleverly combined both the American and English influences. What also made it special was how the friends and family helped in all aspects of the day, making it affordable as well as a celebration that was really unique to them. It the perfect way to enjoy the last of the summer.